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A free Revit plugin to quickly find, filter, and colorize Revit Families.

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Revit Categories

Find Revit Families by Categories.

Filter by name

Find Revit Families by Parameter Name.

Filter by Value

Find Revit Families by Parameter Value.

Colorize Elements

Find Revit elements inside Rooms, Spaces, Areas, etc.

Colorize Revit Elements

Colorize Revit elements by parameter value.



  • NEW: Load, create and modify Saved Selections
  • NEW: Combine Saved Selections to filter elements in the model
  • NEW: Load Rule-based Filters and store them as Saved Selections
  • NEW: Combine Rule-based Filters to filter elements in the model
  • NEW: Colour elements in the model based on parameters values
  • NEW: Create colorized Legend Views
  • NEW: Dockable Panel (Selection Manager) to easily access and modify Saved Selections and Rule-based Filters
  • Minor bug fixes


  • upport for changing model groups worksets
  • Find and Replace now supports case sensitive/insensitive filtering
  • Modeless Window
  • Improved User Interface and Experience (UI/UX)
  • Performance improvements in searching on large data sets


  • Missing families added
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Performance Improved


  • Yes or No filter added
  • Support to work with all language packs within Revit
  • Smart suggestions while typing
  • Conflicts with other plugins fixed
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