Dynamo Basic Course

What you’ll learn.

1. Node logic introduction
2. Become familiar with visual programming
3. Develop problem solving skills in a Revit project environment
4. Overcome geometric and data management limitations of Revit

Custom Software Development ?

We’re specialized in the development of customized digital solutions:

  • Add-ins for Autodesk, Bentley, and BricsCAD products
  • Scripts in Dynamo or Grasshopper
  • Stand-alone Apps
  • Web Apps
  • etc.
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Revit Plugins

We have free Autodesk Revit Add-ins to make your life easier:

  • DiRootsOne
  • ProSheets
  • etc.
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DiStellar | Free Online IFC Viewer

The IFC experience made easier! A Free and powerful Web IFC viewer to manage your BIM models.

  • Load IFC 2×4 and IFC Model
  • See all model properties
  • Filter elements by category, material, name, etc.
  • Export/Impor to/from Excel
  • etc.
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