BIM Consultancy

the fundamentals.

BIM and digital processes are very complex and a tremendous amount of work and dedication go into their strategy, implementation, management, co-ordination, training and so on.

DiRoots advisers simplify this process by creating custom-made guidelines and workflows that are moulded to the unique circumstances and priorities of our clients.

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the code of work.

These solutions don’t apply solely to the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, but also have extensive benefits to the owner/developer of a business who are often the ones who are most interested in this concept.

Some of the services that we offer include:

BIM Implementation & Support

DiRoots begins by determining a strategic business roadmap which forms the basis of a practical strategy based on the project or organisational priorities – in effect, an action-plan. In addition, we provide support for all the types of documentation and templates, standards, protocols and execution plans.

Project Support & Management

The co-ordination and information management of projects are important tools in the improvement and reduction of errors at various stages of a project. At DiRoots, we can work with you on any type of project, including where there are a variety of stakeholders involved (design, construction and/or client team) and assist in providing you with smooth project coordination and management.

Computational BIM

The DiRoots team is very aware of new industry and software trends, as well the challenges that they may bring. By taking advantage of Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology, we help you find the best algorithm able to identify and drive the design and construction process using the most advanced techniques and research (e.g., Dynamo scripts).

Digital Models Checks

DiRoots are experts in digital modelling. So, why not take advantage of this and ask us to review your digital model? We can offer an in-depth check of your digital models and provide recommendations and workflows on how to improve their quality and performance.

BIM Counselling

DiRoots offers an independent view of your project; a fresh look from an outsider which will offer you a different perspective on your project and enable you to identify potential issues that you may not be aware of, as well as offering you the opportunity to consider alternative approaches you may not otherwise have thought about.

BIM Assessment

The role of project client or developer are not easy and may be made even more difficult when trying to work out the BIM capabilities of the design and construction team. DiRoots can help you to assess whether the BIM capabilities of the design and construction team are adequate/appropriate for your project. Having made an assessment, we can provide you with a detailed list of existing capabilities and also outline where improvements/training is needed in order to best support your project.

BIM Accreditation

Looking to get BIM accredited? Then let us know. DiRoots can provide in-depth support which will enable you to achieve accreditation in a faster and effortless manner.

BIM & Software Training

DiRoots believe that the most effective training and learning come from hands-on experience and therefore our workshops are delivered in a way that promotes the involvement and engagement of the students rather than a “chalk and talk” approach. Training with DiRoots doesn’t stop once the students leave the training room – we understand that training on software has to be more than just a few days of sitting in front of a computer. That’s why, here at DiRoots, our classroom training is followed up with on-site or face-to-face support.