Scholarship Sponsored by DiRoots - European Master in Building Information Modelling

European Master in Building Information Modelling | BIM A+


DiRoots, a leading Software Developer and BIM Services Provider, is proud to sponsor the BIM A+ Scholarship for the European Master in Building Information Modelling (BIM A+).

The BIM A+ program is a comprehensive and innovative master’s degree that focuses on the latest developments in BIM technology and its applications in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. This program provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become experts in BIM and make significant contributions to the AEC industry.

DiRoots’ sponsorship of the BIM A+ Scholarship demonstrates its commitment to promoting excellence and innovation in BIM education and advancing the AEC industry’s digital transformation.


There are several scholarships available funded by the BIM A+ consortium (Consortium Scholarships) and by the industry (Industry Scholarships).

All scholarships will be attributed on a competitive basis according to the following criteria:

  • Previous higher education studies and quality of the institutions;
  • Relevant work experience;
  • Recommendation letters;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Additional information (publication, awards, etc.).

DiRoots – Industry Scholarship

Industry scholarships may involve specific agreements with the sponsoring entity (e.g. that the dissertation is made on a given topic in collaboration with the company, or that the mobility track is limited to a certain pre-defined path, or that a post-MSc agreement of collaboration is made directly with the sponsor).

DiRoots is offering the following sponsored industry scholarship:

  • Full tuition fee coverage
  • Mandatory mobility track #3 (1st semester (course work) and 2nd semester (thesis) both at Minho University )
  • Must have requirement: coding experience (preferably C#/.NET)

Important Note:

Any acceptance will be conditioned to eligible conditions to attend the MSC.